American Idol’s Jermaine Jones is a fraud

American Idol’s gentle giant and fan favorite Jermaine Jones has been lying to America about his dad abandoning him and his mom 10 years ago. Sources say he made up the story to win the hearts of A.I.’s producers and fans all over the world.

“A.I.” sources told TMZ … last week, after appearing on the show … Jermaine came to them and said his dad called him from out of the blue, claiming pops abandoned him and his mom 10 years ago. Jermaine told producers he was extremely upset that his dad suddenly reappeared in his life now that he was famous and potentially rich. Jermaine said his dad was “a lousy father” and wanted nothing to do with him.

Some hardcore fans of the show, like @davcero09, are hoping producers decide to kick him off because of the lies he has fed viewers all over the world.

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Just when you thought NBC’s Olympics coverage couldn’t get worse, it’s Seacrest time!

The Ryan Seacrest Fan Club is not performing well on Twitter. Viewers tweeted their disapproval of the ubiquitous host and the “American Idolization of the Olympics”:!/andeye18/status/435991715803967488

We were able to find one Seacrest fan among all the hate:

Actually, that’s probably sarcasm.

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Back to the future: Twitter user attempts to predict winner of 2011 American Idol competition

Nice try, but no cigar. Rodriguez placed 12th.

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Clay Aiken sneers at GOP, mocks Sarah Palin!/clayaiken/status/225659277463912448

What is the opposite of “Oh, Snap?” Lame, Clay. Lame.

Has-been and former “American Idol” runner-up Clay Aiken is desperately trying to hold onto relevance by endearing himself to the Smarter Than You crowd, it seems. His gig on “Celebrity Apprentice” just didn’t cut it. This lame attempted dig was just the latest from oh-so-tolerant, anti-bullying legislation advocate Clay Aiken.

Earlier this month, he attempted to slam Governor Sarah Palin. Instead, he ended up saying more about himself. And it ain’t pretty.

See, he put a winky face! That means it’s totally cute and stuff. Only, it’s not. Sexist and elitist much, Clay? Silly little Mayor Sarah Palin (who was also the governor, FYI, Clay)! We don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that you are a tool.

Clay Aiken is currently trying to solicit an “American Idol” judge gig; he retweeted this one.

@clayaiken You are just what AmericanIdol needs. You are by far the best choice for the new judge. I need all my followers to vote for Clay!

— ALLIE ♡ (@allieooop_1) July 16, 2012

And tried again with this one.

Perhaps Mr. Aiken should remember that it is “American Idol.” And American includes all Americans, even the ones at whom he looks down his nose, sneering in contempt.

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This Amazing Music Video Will Make You A Little Bit Nicer Today

A brief reminder: “Don’t take your life for granted.”

1. This is Greg Holden, a Scottish-English singer/songwriter who makes soaring, purpose-filled songs that carry real emotional weight.

Reid Rolls / Warner Bros. Records

His first big breakthrough was in 2012, when he co-wrote American Idol-winner Phillip Phillips’ five-times platinum debut single “Home.”

2. Holden’s latest single “Hold On Tight” is all about appreciating the beautiful gifts of life while you still can. The anthemic chorus is simple, but jarringly direct: “Don’t take your life for granted.”

Holden wrote the song after a low point in his career, when he went broke while attempting to tour in support of his self-released 2011 album I Don’t Believe You. “I realized I wasn’t really enjoying what I was doing,” he tells BuzzFeed Music. “I was expecting too much and not appreciating anything.”

After “Home,” brought him some success, Holden went on a trip to India and Nepal that changed his perspective on things and inspired him to be more positive in his music. “I was able to see how lucky I was, and that we all are, really,” he says. “The sentiment behind that song is appreciating what you have and living more in the moment.”

3. For the “Hold On Tight” video, Holden teamed up with Jon Jon Augustavo, the director of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop,” to make something that would elevate the inspirational lyrics of the song.


4. The narrative video tracks five people who benefit from a random act of kindness — everything from getting a lift after their car breaks down to receiveng the heimlich maneuver — and then choose to pay it forward.





5. In the end, the chain of kindness comes full circle in a way that’s heartfelt and moving without feeling saccharine.




“We wanted to find a way to convey a positive message without being cheesy,” says Holden. “With a theme like this, you can definitely get into Hallmark territory, but we did our best to create scenarios that felt a bit more organic and natural.”

6. The video’s release date, Feb. 17, coincides with Random Acts of Kindness Day 2015, or “RAK15,” “a global movement using social media and real world engagement to change the world one random act of kindness at a time.”

“We wanted to encourage other people to pay it forward and hopefully create a domino effect,” says holden. Similar to the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” RAK15 asks people to challenge their friends to perform one random act of kindness within 24 hours.

7. Watch the “Hold On Tight” video below (you might need some tissues) and check out Holden’s suggestions on how to perform your own random act of kindness here.

Holden’s debut album Chase The Sun is out April 14 and available for pre-order now.

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